A Critical Review of the Beirut Airport

A Critical Review of the Beirut Airport

Middle East Airlines

The only commercial airport in Lebanon is the Beirut Airport, which is the hub for many commercial airlines chiefly including Middle East Airlines (MEA), Wings of Lebanon, Trans Mediterranean Airways, and Charter Carrier Med Airways. The airport is handsomely facilitated with all basic and additional facilities simultaneously. Some of them are given and explained below:

Airport Taxi Transfer

Beirut Airport Taxi

The most convenient option for you is to hire a taxi well in advance, which requires you merely to move your finger tips to dial helpline. Just let the receiver know about your supposed arrival date and time. A luxurious and comfortable taxi will be set to carry you to your targeted destination prior you disembark from your robotic bird (aeroplane). The city centre is not far away from the airport. An approximate measure gives you the figure of 9 to 10 km and for reliable airport transfers book Beirut airport taxis.

Bus transport

Beirut Airport Bus

Even though claims are there, and you will also find some information on different web-platforms regarding that, yet the feedbacks got by passengers support the fact that it is Herculean labour to find a bus over there. Therefore, you are recommended to hire an airport taxi at the earliest to avoid any trouble otherwise.


Beach in Lebanon

Beirut is proud to have remarkably long beach. If you are on holiday or leisurely trip to the city, your first choice must be to visit the sea-sights with your family. Having a cup of coffee or dining together while sitting at some hut near the beach will certainly be a phenomenally memorable experience.


Shopping in Lebanon

From the shops and plazas situated near the airport you can purchase a variety of items and products. Further, you can even find several international brands as well as local ones. And, while providing you all this, your affordability is well kept into account.

So, it is grand to have an air-journey to and stay at Beirut. Perfect arrangements are there in accordance with both official tour and informal one (for spending your vacation or holidays with family or individually).


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